• BEAUTY BOMB  A beauty disaster, somewhat out of your control.  Fever blisters, acne, puffy eyes, surprise weight gain, broken heels, bad hair color, bad plastic surgery, you get the gist.  We’ve all been Beauty Bombed.
  • BEAUTY WINGMAN. A confidant who has the ability to objectively tell you when you are gaining weight, getting too filler and that you really can’t wear citron.
  • BRO-TOX.  Injectables men get as part of their manscaping regimine.
  • FORMERLY.  A woman at one point could count on her looks as an asset, but is now considered “formerly” hot now that she is 40+.  Coined by Stephanie Dolgoff author or My Formerly Hot Life, it’s a tasteful alternative I like a lot.  Cougar nor MILF spoken here.
  • iPHONE FACE.  That downward gaze that causes your chin to sink into our neck, creating multiple folds, sagging and jowls.  
  • MAN-SCAPING.  Men who are really into grooming, especially their body hair.  Just think hedge trimming…
  • PO-TOX.  Bad injectables, as in when you think you’re saving money by going to cut rate doctor or medi-spa and wind up with two different eyebrows.
  • STRIPPER SHOES.  Any shoe over 4″ with a 1/4″ platform or higher.    They look great while standing still or sitting down, but can difficult to walk in and might make you look like a constipated Geisha.   See Stuart Weitzman, Gucci and Jessica Simpson shoes. No judgements, it’s all good.