The Last Foundation Trick You’ll Ever Need

This just works.  I’ve found that with each passing birthday, I have less margin of error when it comes to getting the foundation thing right.  What worked 5 years ago, doesn’t work now.… Continue reading

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

I’m trying to create a family habit where we all sit down for dinner.  At the table, with napkins and actual conversation.   I heard about this chit chat starter where instead of… Continue reading

Holy Jowl! Are Smart Phones Making Our Faces Sag?

It happened to me again last weekend.  I whipped out my iPhone to take a picture of my son when I saw a dour, double chinned, jowly creature  staring back at me.  It… Continue reading

My Stripper Shoe Makeover; Anti Aging for Feet

If I had saved the money I sunk into shoes over the past decade, I could retire.  I rationalized that shoes gave great  ROI, because they made the difference between merely walking into a room… Continue reading

Instant Lift: Mad Men Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoooooo…..

Mad Men came back on air last night to remind me I came of age in the wrong decade.  It looks like they were having a lot more fun in the mid to… Continue reading

Instant Lift: Chanel’s Shade Parade

Now and then I’ll post random stuff that reminds me of why I love being a girl.  This nifty ditty from last year celebrates the lost art of finger dancing and the affordable… Continue reading