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With Gratitude (For Other Bloggers)

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your little orange button light up (WordPress bloggers, you’ll know what I mean – everyone else, this is not code for something pervy, I swear).  Especially when it’s… Continue reading

7 Reasons You Need A Fabulous Sunglass Wardrobe

My husband and I are having fight.  We’re packing for a few days at the beach and he won’t let me put my makeup case into his suitcase.  He’s pissed that I need… Continue reading

5 Reasons Lisa Rinna is An Accidental Feminist

If you asked me about Lisa Rinna a decade ago, I would have thought “washed up soap actress with an addiction to Pilates and plastic surgery”.   But she caught my attention recently… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and My Dad

It’s Father’s Day and I’ve just hung up with my Dad, thinking how much I love him, wishing we lived closer.  Yet when you write about beauty or being a woman, it’s almost… Continue reading