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Someday Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes So Make It Worth Watching

I throw up in my mouth a little as I quote this because it came from a Lexus commercial. But sometimes the universe speaks to you, and today it spoke to me because my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is a word I usually save for the sobering doldrums of January, or the optimism of Spring.  Rarely does it headline in November and December when words like revelry and indulge take center stage.

5 Things to Look for in a Beauty Wingman

Last year I got an unexpected bonus and decided to inject it into my face.   Imagining what “me 2.0” could look like, I impulsively ran to the office of  Dr. Howard Sobel and… Continue reading

Hurricane Hedonism

It was just about 3PM and I was already eyeing that bottle of Pinot Noir. In case you haven’t heard, Hurricane Sandy (er Frankenstorm) is coming to town and we’re battening down the… Continue reading

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Being Incredibly Sexy

My mother raised me to believe that’s its better to be pretty than sexy. I disagree.

Halloween Costume Redemption

I start planning for Halloween in August because getting to wear costumes is second only to the perfect sipping tequila in my book of pleasures.   The chance for me to realize left-over childhood… Continue reading

10 Reasons I Love Fall

It’s official, summer 2012 is gone.  I’ve been grieving since Labor Day and wince just a bit inside when I leave the office only to realize the sun is setting just a few minutes earlier… Continue reading

6 Things I Envy About Other Women

It’s the end of a long work-day and I’m caught in the thick of the rotisserie chicken panic at Whole Foods, where moms like me scramble for dinner redemption.   Scorching hot chicken in… Continue reading

Why Botox Parties are “Fight Club” for Women

Have you ever made out with a cactus?  Neither have I, but I’m sure it feels just like getting a vial of Juvederm in your lip, and I dare any man to try… Continue reading

Remembering 9/11 and the 5 Ways it Changed My Outlook on Life

I’m running for my life up the lower east side of Manhattan, covered in an ashy substance that’s burning my skin.   I’m disoriented, terrified and unsure whether I’ll survive the day.  As low… Continue reading

Escape from Fashion’s Night Out

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living in New York City, it’s to avoid Times Square on New Year’s Eve, the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the Puerto Rican Day parade and the… Continue reading

My Fantastically Feral Beauty Day Off

I have a confession.  I have a love-hate relationship with beauty.   I can chalk this up to the fact that I’m a Gemini, or just admit that sometimes I get tired of keeping… Continue reading

An Ironic Twist of Weight

Earlier in the summer, I vowed on this blog that I would lose 8 pounds in preparation for the family reunion I’m facing at the beach this weekend.   I figured if the threat… Continue reading

With Gratitude (For Other Bloggers)

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your little orange button light up (WordPress bloggers, you’ll know what I mean – everyone else, this is not code for something pervy, I swear).  Especially when it’s… Continue reading

7 Reasons You Need A Fabulous Sunglass Wardrobe

My husband and I are having fight.  We’re packing for a few days at the beach and he won’t let me put my makeup case into his suitcase.  He’s pissed that I need… Continue reading