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Girl Jamzz

It was a wintry afternoon in 1989 and my roommate Eileen sat on the floor of our off-campus apartment eating a tube of raw Pillsbury chocolate chip dough with a plastic knife.  A… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Fall Trends Include Nudity, Nothing, the NFL and Ad Fails.

I’m a little teary knowing there are only a few more Fridays to go until the end of summer.  Somehow it feels you can just slack off a bit after lunch or get… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Boogie Shoes, Botox, Endangered Brazilians and the Best Makeup Tutorial Ever

It’s a late summer Friday and the Olympics are almost over which has me a little sad.  To hang on to both a little longer, I’m wrapping Friday Field notes around some Olympic… Continue reading

Buzz The Fuzz: 7 Ways to Banish Facial Hair

Last year, I took advantage of a business trip to South Africa to go Great White shark cage diving off Dyer Island.   It was one of the most terrifyingly awesome things I have… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Dictators, Supermodels, Feminists and a Sky Diving Queen

Happy Friday!  Here’s how I’m filling the dead air at dinner parties this weekend: 1) I can’t wait for the new documentary “About Face: Super Models Then and Now” that airs this Monday… Continue reading

Funny Video: Mister Rogers Remixed

Originally posted on The Twist Gossip:
I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “funny video” so much as just an awesome video. I used to watch old episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood…

The Under Estimated Power of Hand Written Gratitude.

Last Sunday, I stooped to a new low. My friend had my family and me up to her country house.  She turned it into an impromptu belated birthday party for me, complete with… Continue reading

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women [Video]

Originally posted on Blessings in Disguise:
I want everyone to read this post – no skimming or scanning today.  Read it carefully.  Pretty please.  🙂 Barry sent me an article yesterday that explained…

Friday Field Notes: Killer Chairs, Killer Cocktails, Fat Supermodels and an Orange Ocean

Woo hoo, it’s the weekend!  Here’s your weekly rundown on tips, trends and tidbits you can take with you to happy hour, your neighbor’s barbecue, your kid’s soccer game or brunch.  Whatever you… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: The Yin and Yang of Older Women, Harley Davidsons and The Universe.

Happy 4th of July week!  Here are the big and little bangs from this week that I think are worth talking about: 1. There’s nothing I love more than a fail of epic proportions.… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: What do Male Strippers, Blue Tits and Scientology Have in Common?

Nothing really, except they all made news this week. What has more cheeze than a Cheeto? Male strippers!  But “Magic Mike” (a movie about male strippers) opened this weekend to pretty good reviews… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Lipstick, Vampires, Mike Tyson and Canned Curry

Hello Friday!  In case the week of June 16th is already a distant memory, here’s what happened on the beauty, anti-aging and fun front: In the land of beauty… Are you a victim… Continue reading

The Friday Feed: David Hasselhoff, Fat French Women and the Dangers of Boring Shoes

Here’s the low down on what happened in the world this week if you were out actually living life and not following it on Twitter. 1. Clearly it’s Marketing Gone Wild Week with Sweden’s… Continue reading

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

1. This bottle of Rose.   It’s not cheap at  $28, but it certainly elevates a Dominos thin crust pizza.  If you haven’t already embrace the rose, I assure you these are not… Continue reading

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

1. The double rainbow in my own back yard.  Sunday nights are my least favorite night of the week, and I started to especially dislike this one because it had been an unsatisfying… Continue reading