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5 Makeup Tricks That Changed My Life Forever

I’ve been playing with make-up for the better part of 4 decades, so didn’t think there was much left to master in my bag of beauty tricks. Until last spring, when I met… Continue reading

Middle Aged Braids and Other Fall Hair and Make-up Trends

The nice thing about getting older is that I’m a lot more confident about my sense of style.  I know what works on my body and what doesn’t (looking at you peplum), where… Continue reading

10 Overlooked Things That Make You Look Old

  Last month I shot a commercial where we had to dramatize a woman aging 20 years.  To make this happen, my agency worked with a stylist who pointed out a whole host… Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. My Battle with Thinning Hair Part 1

My attachment to my long hair rivals Samson’s. Growing up in the 1970s my mother imprisoned me with a pixie cut.  Her beauty motto was “nothing is prettier than practical” and lived it by forbidding me to have long… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Botox for Boobs, Power Manis, Manners and Venus

Going to a barbecue or beach house this weekend?  Bring some conversation along with your case of Dos Equis.  Here’s what’s worth mentioning: 1. Yes ladies, there is the possibility of Boobtox.  To lift the breast or… Continue reading

The Last Foundation Trick You’ll Ever Need

This just works.  I’ve found that with each passing birthday, I have less margin of error when it comes to getting the foundation thing right.  What worked 5 years ago, doesn’t work now.… Continue reading