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WTF is Glutathione IV and is it really the Fountain of Youth?

The other day I clicked on an email from Equinox (my gym), and noticed they were interviewing Sharon Dorram, the woman who owns the eponymous Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger salon where I get my… Continue reading

10 Overlooked Things That Make You Look Old

  Last month I shot a commercial where we had to dramatize a woman aging 20 years.  To make this happen, my agency worked with a stylist who pointed out a whole host… Continue reading

An Ironic Twist of Weight

Earlier in the summer, I vowed on this blog that I would lose 8 pounds in preparation for the family reunion I’m facing at the beach this weekend.   I figured if the threat… Continue reading

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women [Video]

Originally posted on Blessings in Disguise:
I want everyone to read this post – no skimming or scanning today.  Read it carefully.  Pretty please.  🙂 Barry sent me an article yesterday that explained…

Lose Weight Smarter, Not Harder: Part 1, Behavior Change

The best thing about Monday’s is that it’s one big day of do-overs.   Ate too much over the weekend?  Come Monday, it’s a do-over.  Drank a little too much?  No worries, Monday remembers… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Lipstick, Vampires, Mike Tyson and Canned Curry

Hello Friday!  In case the week of June 16th is already a distant memory, here’s what happened on the beauty, anti-aging and fun front: In the land of beauty… Are you a victim… Continue reading

The Friday Feed: David Hasselhoff, Fat French Women and the Dangers of Boring Shoes

Here’s the low down on what happened in the world this week if you were out actually living life and not following it on Twitter. 1. Clearly it’s Marketing Gone Wild Week with Sweden’s… Continue reading

What Weight Watchers And Parole Officers Have in Common

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been up since 5AM, waiting for my weekly moment of truth — the Weight Watchers weigh in.   If I lose weight, it’s what I call a Good… Continue reading