Well hello there! Narcissista.me is devoted to the unapologetic pursuit of beauty, anti-aging and fun.

What You’ll Find Here    Devotion to your eternal loveliness with tips, trends, lessons learned and a deep thought here and there. Topics include plastic surgery, Botox, fillers, weight loss, mojo, culture, skin care, and celebrities.  As long as it’s fun, makes us smarter about the choices we make and feel prettier, it will be spoken here.   I’ll publish from 1-4 times a week, depending on how fast the treadmill of life is going.  Every other Friday I’ll publish “Friday Field Notes” which are cultural Cliff notes for grownups.

What You Won’t Sorry, no dreamy pictures of me modeling my latest style mashup finds taken by husband (or boyfriend).  I’ll leave that to the PYT bloggers who still wake up daisy fresh, don’t retain water and do it far better than I.  Regarding products, this blog is purely editorial and does not exist to write reviews about stuff I might get for free.  I will occasionally talk about products I swear by, but only because I’ve bought them and loved them first.  


About Me I’m a 44-year-old “formerly” who lives in New York City with my husband and tween-age son.  I bring home the bacon as an ad exec, which is why I choose to write this anonymously for now (and in this economy I’m sure you’ll respect my privacy, thanks in advance).

Guilty pleasures include frosting, that second cocktail (sometimes a third), creating word mash-ups, neon, Sephora and small increments of the Kardashians.

As a shameless girly girl who was born pink I never thought vanity was a dirty word.  It always takes me by surprise when people imply it’s wrong for women to care about what they look like.  I call bullsh*t.  Trying to look your best means you’re showing up for life.  The problem is, with all the anti-aging innovation we have too many options, not enough information and some pretty messed up ideals about what it means to be attractive as you get older.  I believe there isn’t enough helpful banter around what really contributes to looking your best, whether for you that’s au natural or fillered up. At this stage in my life, I feel like  a beauty veteran who has worn every hat under the beauty rainbow. Some highlights:

  • I was a competitive baton twirler, even though I didn’t have Miss America aspirations or grow up in the South.  I don’t think baton twirling gets the respect it deserves.  This hardwired my love of sequins and tiaras.
  • On a good day, I’m 5′ 2″ and have never seen this as a shortcoming.  Same with my freckles.
  • Weight is my beauty Kryptonite.  My BMI is perfect and few would describe me as overweight, but I know I look best 10lbs thinner than I am now.
  • I’ve always been a boobs and hair girl until I got breast cancer 7 years ago.  Then, for about a year I was neither.  Now, I’m back to being a hair and boobs girl, just a little more bionic and a lot more grateful.
  • I think leopard is a neutral.

Lastly, I write this blog because there is nothing I love being a girl and I’m too old to legitimately play with Barbie.

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