Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is a word I usually save for the sobering doldrums of January, or the optimism of Spring.  Rarely does it headline in November and December when words like revelry and indulge take center stage.

But after Hurricane Sandy decimated the New York/New Jersey area, “renewal” doesn’t just feel good, it’s needed.  Especially in the backdrop of our vulnerable economy.

I took the above picture while flying into La Guardia this past Tuesday night.  It was 8:35PM and Election Day 2012.  I knew I didn’t have a good chance of getting to the polls in time to vote.   A rim of black still circled lower Manhattan, but a twinkling net of lights spread across the surrounding area, showing signs of electrical renewal.  And then finally, the plane hovered over mid the megawatt enter of mid town Manhattan.  Right there, I saw the light, the energy, the hope, the grit and resiliency that made me fall in love with New York 17 years ago.

I knew everything would be OK, whether I got my vote in or not.