Monthly Archive: November, 2012

How to Dress for Having a Family Picture Taken

Tomorrow is our dreaded annual tradition, when my amateur photographer friend and I attempt to take holiday pictures of our families.   I’ve been doing all my photo prep to look my best;… Continue reading

The Art of Giving the Perfect Hostess Gift

In the spirit of Festivus  and the “Airing of the Grievances” I am going to declare that I hate hostess gifts. What’s turned me bah humbug are years of receiving tokens that feel… Continue reading

5 Makeup Tricks That Changed My Life Forever

I’ve been playing with make-up for the better part of 4 decades, so didn’t think there was much left to master in my bag of beauty tricks. Until last spring, when I met… Continue reading

Someday Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes So Make It Worth Watching

I throw up in my mouth a little as I quote this because it came from a Lexus commercial. But sometimes the universe speaks to you, and today it spoke to me because my… Continue reading

Ready For Your Close Up: A Countdown to Having Your Picture Taken

I have exactly 20 days until I’m staring down the lens of a friend’s camera in the quest of a decent family picture for our annual holiday card.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is a word I usually save for the sobering doldrums of January, or the optimism of Spring.  Rarely does it headline in November and December when words like revelry and indulge take center stage.

5 Things to Look for in a Beauty Wingman

Last year I got an unexpected bonus and decided to inject it into my face.   Imagining what “me 2.0” could look like, I impulsively ran to the office of  Dr. Howard Sobel and… Continue reading