8 Fall Trends That Are Really Recycled Classics

In my post from Saturday, Trends Are Passe? A Survival Guide to Fall 2012, I made a point of saying that there are so many trends, it’s almost all white noise, so go for whatever tickles your fancy.  The trends I highlighted were just that…trendy.  Although I saw a lot of classics on everyone’s must have list,  I omitted them because I annoyed at fashion for trying to re-gift classics as “fresh and new”.   Motorcycle boots? Equestrian?  Velvet?   I felt like I was living fashion’s Ground Hog Day.

But then I had a Holy Cow moment; this is actually bigger news because it gives a compass to what is worth a splurge and what isn’t.  While fashion will never have the same return rate as gold bouillon,I will spend a lot more on a classic pair of equestrian boots than an animal motif sweater.  The best part is, trends that evolve into classics do so because they are universally flattering.

Here’s to the staples of enduring chic that also happen to be having a high wattage fashion moment:

1) Boots: Equestrian, Moto-Booties and Wedges.   There is absolutely no news here; all of these are excellent closet building blocks.  I would put my money in equestrian and moto-booties just because they’re easier to walk in.

2) Pencil skirts.  The most fantastically slimming item of clothing any woman can wear once you find a brand that fits your perfectly. The trick is to make sure it tapers a bit under your butt and doesn’t hug across your hips.  I usually buy mine a size larger and have the tailor customize it to my derrière.  Solid colors are always good basics, but prints, metallic and leather are fresh.

3) Metallics.  I keep hearing people talk about metallic with skepticism, as though they are something reserved only for Joan of Arc, but  metallics are excellent neutrals.  It may be tough to pull off a head to toe heavy metal, but as shoes, bags and belts, they’re like better beige.

4) Leopard, and anything in an animal print.   To me, leopard is a neutral and has been a basic in my closet for years (shoes, gloves, scarves, shirts).  If you want to sport head to toe leopard, then grrr…now’s your chance.   Plays beautifully as accents to bold jewel tones, especially red and keeps the basics like black from looking boring. One word of warning though, is that this trend is so saturated right now I think it may start to wane after this year, so leopard mindfully if you normally aren’t an animal print person.

5) Rich jewel tones.  Color shows no signs of letting up, but instead of the eye scorching neons we’ve seen what’s right now are rich jewel tones like red, emerald and cobalt even though to me they’re basic staples.

6) Velvet.  Ok, now just stop.  In my 40+ decades on this earth, I haven’t seen a fall winter season yet without velvet.  If you love velvet like I do, make sure it has the right drape and flatters your body.  Don’t be tempted by the full on velvet suit, especially since suits are big this year.  I had a stunning midnight blue crushed velvet pantsuit that I thought was just glorious until a French colleague greeted me with “Hey Austin Powers…yeah baby!”.  A forever scar on my fashion soul.

7) Winter white.  Yes, white looks awesome in the winter and this is not news fashion people.  We’ve been having the same conversation since 1987.  Stop already, we get it, this is a classic.  The most modern way to wear it is with touches and accents of black.  (Just put away those blinding white jeans and opt for something in a slightly warmer ivory).

8) Fur.  This has been my closet passion for years, but I rarely indulge because PETA scares me, I love baby seals and my husband pocket book won’t let me.  Still fur is raging this season, especially in vests and as accents to ordinary basics, which can be quite wearable, but don’t overdo it or else you’ll look like an extra from Mad Max Thunderdome.

What do you think?  Do you think these are trends or classics?

Photos from Net-A-Porter, Style.com, Whowhatwear, Stuart Weitzman, and J.Crew.