10 Reasons I Love Fall

It’s official, summer 2012 is gone.  I’ve been grieving since Labor Day and wince just a bit inside when I leave the office only to realize the sun is setting just a few minutes earlier every day.  I’ll miss the lazy days, eating outside on our 2×4 patio, fresh corn, juicy tomatoes, flip-flops, summer Fridays, rosé wine and the city being empty in August.

Back to school and relaxation aside, summer’s got nothing on fall.  Here’s why I consider fall my favorite season:

1) Just look at the colors of the leaves.  This is the glue that will forever bind me to living in a region with all four seasons.  I took the photo below in Central Park a few years ago.  I wasn’t out to take pictures that day,  I just stumbled across this scene quietly waiting to be enjoyed.

2) Covering up and retiring the self tanner.   I’m waving “bu bye” to even thinking about whether my pasty stems need a slather of self tanner before running out of the house in a skirt.  Cellulite and pastiness is one worry I’m shelving until April 2013.

3) Revving up the Retinol, chemical peels and lasers. I learned the hard way to avoid all three between May and October, especially Retinol and lasers.  While these treatments can work wonders, in the short term they make your skin more vulnerable to sun and hyper-pigmentation.  And it’s not just sun exposure, it’s the heat.   Last year I had Fraxel Dual a month before a sunny vacation, and despite my diligence with 50 SPF, sunglasses and a hat, my sun spots multiplied like baby bunnies.  Late fall is the best time to reintroduce all three into your skin care routine.

4) Tights. Bare legs are a pain in the ass (see above), but tights are a miracle.  Especially black velvety ones; my go to are Wolford Velvet Delux 50 tights because they make me feel like cat woman and never have that sheen you get from too much Lycra.  They’re pricey at $45, but they don’t run and will last the entire season.

5) Boots.  There’s a trick to bringing them out at just the right time.  When brought out to early, they raise eyebrows and make your feet sweat like an obese man in a sauna.   I usually start whipping them out in early October with a classic pair of equestrians as my go to (I like the Stuart Weitzman Arlington boot, but there is always  a sale so do not pay full price).  I look forward to boot season every year because you don’t have to compromise as much between function and style.  I can march from the east river to the Hudson with nary a complaint from my bunions.

6) Apples.  Technically they’re in season all year, but let’s be real, there’s nothing better than an in season apple bought from the Greenmarket.   You never have to worry about that out of season mealy inside meets chewy skin when you eat a Honey Crisp anytime in October.  And, that old saying about an apple a day is true; it’s a proven beauty and anti-cancer food.

7) Cafe Mochas. After the temperature dips it feels like my weekend is incomplete unless I start it off with a café mocha which is basically hot chocolate for grown ups.  I post rationalize my mochas by having them made with skim milk.  My favorite café mocha’s in the city are from Bouley Bakery, Aroma Espresso Bar (they make them with praline chocolates, but ask for extra) and Jaquces Torres (get the wicked).


8) Scarves  A prelude to wearing coats, wrapping a colorful bunch of cotton or lightweight wool around your neck is an instant wardrobe upgrade and often enough to keep you warm until November.

Photo credit: Fab Sugar

9) October skies in the late afternoon and the smell of burning leaves.  There’s something special about the way the sun sets in October.  The clouds are more sharply defined against the sky and the sun that’s recessed behind them peeks out with richer, more vivid splotches of warm orange.  It’s the most beautiful light of the year, as thought it’s Mother Nature’s last hurrah before the harsher drudgery of winter sets in.

10) Movie season.  We spend all year suffering thru Adam Sandler movies or pointless rom coms  where we can predict the end in the trailer just waiting for the Oscar bait to hit in the fall.  I’ve already seen “The Master” (the best worst movie you’ll ever see in your life, but it will be two and half hours of your life you won’t get back just sayin’).  Aside from that can’t wait to see”Lincoln“, “Argo“, “This Is 40“, “Cloud Atlas” and Anna Karenina“.

Bonus Extra: Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Food, family, friends, costumes, sugar and a heck of a lot of pinot noir.  Is there anything better?

UPDATE FOR #11.  Kettle corn!  Anyone want to take this on?  I personally would like to see a candy corn, kettle corn smack-down.  Either way, it’s all suger and it’s all good.

What are you looking forward to this fall?