With Gratitude (For Other Bloggers)

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your little orange button light up (WordPress bloggers, you’ll know what I mean – everyone else, this is not code for something pervy, I swear).  Especially when it’s a notification that you’ve been nominated for a blogger award.

To me these blogger awards are a giant “like” on steroids that lets you know someone appreciates what you have to say, which is the gas most of up bloggers need to keep going. The best part for me is that I can showcase the blogs that I enjoy and share some of the spot light.

In my case, the lovely Daniela over at The Lantern Post honored me with The Beautiful Blogger Award.   Daniela’s a Croat cum New Zealander and an excellent story-teller.  If you haven’t stopped by her corner of the blogosphere yet, click the link above to say hi.

The rules of this award are apparently as follows.

  • Post seven interesting things about myself.
  • Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.
  • Let them know about nomination.

7 Things About Me

  1. I’m 1/4 Native America Indian.  My grandmother was part of the Isleta Pueblo tribe in New Mexico and the youngest of 23 children.  She got off the reservation thru winning beauty pageants, singing and lastly, math scholarships (in that order, sadly).
  2. After high school I decided to post-pone college to become an actress.  I auditioned at Julliard with a monologue as Maggie from “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”.  It was my first taste of epic failure.
  3. I got fired from a Bennigan’s restaurant for refusing to do the special Happy Birthday cheer to a customer by myself.  My career as an actress was officially over.
  4. I’m most proud of the fact I eventually did get into a good Ivy League university and paid for every last red cent by myself.   Almost 20 years later, I still have nightmares that I’m late for that last exam.  It took me 6 long years and supported myself with countless odd jobs (sometimes working 4 at a time).
  5. During that time, I sold accidental death and dismemberment insurance for JC Penny’s.  If you ever want to reform the prison population, have them do this.
  6. I was also a parking lot attendant – the only one that couldn’t drive stick.  The remarkable thing is, I was employee of the week.  5 weeks in a row.
  7. In college, I also started my own production company and was hired to produce a documentary film about a foam car seat manufacturer.  Yes, you read that right.  Foam car seat manufacturer.  Surprisingly, I was locked out of the Oscars that year.

And now the best part.  Here are the bloggers I’m passing some sugar on to:

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