Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Friday Field Notes: Fall Trends Include Nudity, Nothing, the NFL and Ad Fails.

I’m a little teary knowing there are only a few more Fridays to go until the end of summer.  Somehow it feels you can just slack off a bit after lunch or get… Continue reading

WTF is Glutathione IV and is it really the Fountain of Youth?

The other day I clicked on an email from Equinox (my gym), and noticed they were interviewing Sharon Dorram, the woman who owns the eponymous Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger salon where I get my… Continue reading

10 Overlooked Things That Make You Look Old

  Last month I shot a commercial where we had to dramatize a woman aging 20 years.  To make this happen, my agency worked with a stylist who pointed out a whole host… Continue reading

The Skincare Matrix of Excellence

Beauty whore.  Sample slut. Product junkie. tells me I’ve squandered away at least 5 digits worth of cash on hope in a jar over the past several years.  My habit is only… Continue reading

An Ironic Twist of Weight

Earlier in the summer, I vowed on this blog that I would lose 8 pounds in preparation for the family reunion I’m facing at the beach this weekend.   I figured if the threat… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Boogie Shoes, Botox, Endangered Brazilians and the Best Makeup Tutorial Ever

It’s a late summer Friday and the Olympics are almost over which has me a little sad.  To hang on to both a little longer, I’m wrapping Friday Field notes around some Olympic… Continue reading

With Gratitude (For Other Bloggers)

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your little orange button light up (WordPress bloggers, you’ll know what I mean – everyone else, this is not code for something pervy, I swear).  Especially when it’s… Continue reading

7 Reasons You Need A Fabulous Sunglass Wardrobe

My husband and I are having fight.  We’re packing for a few days at the beach and he won’t let me put my makeup case into his suitcase.  He’s pissed that I need… Continue reading