Friday Field Notes: Killer Chairs, Killer Cocktails, Fat Supermodels and an Orange Ocean

Woo hoo, it’s the weekend!  Here’s your weekly rundown on tips, trends and tidbits you can take with you to happy hour, your neighbor’s barbecue, your kid’s soccer game or brunch.  Whatever you do, just don’t drink, wear revealing sandals or sit down for more than 3 hours because….

1. Sitting more than 3 hours a day CAN KILL YOU and increases death by 40%.  The anti-dote is to get up and do 100 jumping jacks, bend and touch your toes or go for a walk.  This brilliant info-graphic captures all the details thanks to the folks at BuzzFeed (info-graphic from

2.  Did you know we’re in the middle of a “Toe-besity” epidemic?   Wow, yeah so you might have fat toes. And guess what?  There’s a solution in the form of plastic surgeon Dr. Oliver Zong who says he can slim those tootsies rendering them runway ready.  In all seriously though, the article goes on to say that the patients who have this done have broader issues with their feet, such as hammer toes and bone deformities.  Still, I like the idea that some part of your body is allowed to be chubby, even if it’s only the toe.

This little piggy cried “do I look fat”?

3.  And then there’s Kate Upton, who has been dubbed a “fat squishy bricky” by thin-spiration blog, Skinny Gossip.  Now before we get all irate because Kate probably weighs all of 130lbs-ish, the fact is she has more jiggle than we’re used to seeing and I think her boobs are natural, which is exciting and fresh!   What has tongues wagging is Skinny Gossip’s disgust at the way she looks, but hey, it’s one of those thin-spiration cult sites, so what did we expect?  They also think Adriana Lima looks like a monster during one of her Victoria Secret shoots.   I actually find odd comfort knowing that even some of the most beautiful women in the world aren’t immune from petty jealousy or criticism, even if it’s ridiculous.

Normal is the new obese

4. While we’re on the topic of health, here’s incentive not to drink wine from a glass the size of your fishbowl.  We’ve heard about the health problems associated with alcohol for a while now (and that the heart friendly benefits of red wine aren’t enough to compensate), but Scotland’s embraced it as a public health crisis with their  Drink Smarter campaign to encourage mindful imbibing.  The site’s actually pretty helpful.  To add a little might to their message, forensic artist Auriele Price developed an app called the “The Drinking Time Machine” that shows what binge drinking does to your looks and those of celebrities over time (see below).  Nuff said.

Question: was using Ron Wood was a joke?


5. “Breaking Bad” gets back on air this Sunday, July 17th.  OK, OK, I haven’t seen “The Wire” or “Friday Night Lights”, but to me this is the best show on TV and Bryan Cranston is the sexiest man alive.  I still can’t get that image of Gus out of my head from last season.  

6. I just downloaded Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange and it fantastic.  He’s the genius you’ve never heard of that until now was behind the scenes with Jay Zee, Beyonce, etc.  Not only is his music unique, he just came out as gay which is an exceptionally big deal in the hip hop community.   Even if you think you don’t like hip hop, rap or R&B, check this out.  Put this on when you want to listen something mellow and sexy that sounds like melted butta running on all over the place.   

Have a fabulous weekend!