Friday Field Notes: The Yin and Yang of Older Women, Harley Davidsons and The Universe.

Photo credit Ben Baller/Instagram

Happy 4th of July week!  Here are the big and little bangs from this week that I think are worth talking about:

1. There’s nothing I love more than a fail of epic proportions.  So in the spirit of the Fourth of July, I bring you the hot mess that was the San Diego fireworks .  Long story short, they all exploded at once but were still pretty — from far, far away.

2. Hats off to American Apparel for featuring a real live older women in their pervy Lolita ads.  She’s not a model, not an actress and not someone who’s been injected to death.  Just someone who looks great and older.  Although I am curious what conversations lead to the shot on the botton with the green and purple leotard.  (Huffington Post)

3. A new study (HuffPo Tech) suggests people use Facebook about 8 hours a month because we’re bored, not because we’re “connecting”.  The study goes on to say that we use Facebook to purely entertaining ourselves and that we could be on the brink of amusing ourselves to death.   Exactly how do we amuse ourselves on Facebook?  According to another study,  1 in 4 women admit to posting unflattering of other women (Huffington Post)?   Hmmm…does it really all go back to high school?

4. Well, at least some of us are getting out a bit as Harley Davidson sees an increase of woman wanting to live the dream on the back of motorcycle.

5. Me, I would rather visit the new Unflattering Face Blog where you can see celeb outtakes that almost look as bad as I do on Skype.  Lets democratize the pretty everyone!

6. Which brings me to  Bird Poop Facials.  Yep, all the rage and not sure why.  I’ll try anything once, but I’ll pass here and stick to my Clarsonic. . I live in NYC where pigeons are rats with wings.

7. Speaking of fireworks, there’s a lot of hoopla around the Higgs Boson particle.  No, it isn’t an anti-aging breakthru, but proves that the current scientific understanding of the universe is correct.  It took me 2 hours of research to find that one very important point, but if you want to read more, by all means in this article from The Atlantic.  (I think I’ll stick to beauty from now on).

Have a great week!