Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

Clos Beylesse Rose (2011 Cotes de Provence)

1. This bottle of Rose.   It’s not cheap at  $28, but it certainly elevates a Dominos thin crust pizza.  If you haven’t already embrace the rose, I assure you these are not your mother’s white zinfandel from the 1980s.  But, it’s not easy to find the right one which is why I’m sharing what made my weekend wonderful and providing a link to learn more about them here.

2. I didn’t gain one single ounce at at Weight Watchers, despite my post from Saturday.  That my friends, is a Good Weigh, which means I had a good weekend!

3. The Mad Men season finale.  SPOILER ALERT! Hands down my favorite season so far.  Dark, twisted and visually stunning, this season teamed with mid life crisis, ennui, death and even electroshock therapy.  It was deliciously seductive and strange, like when you mix bacon with chocolate.

To me, the characters had more nuance and depth than in the past seasons.  For example, while Betty has always been the classic bitch, we saw glimpses of some possible growth into a warmer person (not convinced yet).  Don, has a touching moment of self awareness as he realizes himself that sometimes seeing someone succeed means doing it without him.  Megan, who we’re supposed to like at the beginning of the season, turns out to be her own desperate hot mess as she crumbles under the slightest defeat.  Meanwhile, Pete – the character so evil we cheered every whoop ass he got, had perhaps the most moving scene in the entire episode, when he confesses his desperation to his semi-labotomized mistress in the hospital.

Fat Betty

Roger on LSD. But please don’t let nude that scene at the end be some tragic foreshadowing.

Megan Draper’s mother, Marie Calvert, the dazzling Julia Ormond

Megan yelling at Don to sit down and eat his spaghetti

Sally Draper’s “date” with Roger Sterling, white go go boots and declaration to Glenn that Manhattan is “dirty”.

Peggy realizing her worth and leaving SDCP. You’ve come a long way baby….

Harry’s finally having a moment. We’re not sure if he’s supposed to be the SDCP joke, but in this episode we see him for the bigger person he can become.

Pete getting a can of whoop ass opened on him by just about any body. Lane, the insurance salesman, train conductor. Ouch. And yay!

I think Ken Cosgroves will have a moment. Always in Pete’s slimy shadow, it seems he’ll win Dow Corning and emerge as a power player. Us account people need a better example to point to on the show, so let it be Ken.

Have a great week.