Friday Field Notes: Botox for Boobs, Power Manis, Manners and Venus

Going to a barbecue or beach house this weekend?  Bring some conversation along with your case of Dos Equis.  Here’s what’s worth mentioning:

1. Yes ladies, there is the possibility of Boobtox.  To lift the breast or make them frozen in some weird position.  Im skeptical, but you decide.

2. Chivalry is back in Vogue, literally.  A charming ode to the loveliness of etiquette and manners, reminding us that they never really went out of style.

3. Eating disorders are on the rise for middle aged women, but are we really surprised when Julianne Moore and Maria Bello keep doing nude scenes?  Of course we feel pressure!  Now pass the guac…(hold the chips).

4. WSJ declares manis/pedis the new spot for female power meetings.  The business lunch is passe, which makes sense now that we’re all revisiting eating disorders (sigh…)

5. Karl Lagerfeld has a spoiled pussy!  His cat Choupette, launched a Twitter feed this week. Seriously. In talks for reality show with Paris Hilton. Not seriously, but still, the fact that this qualifies for news is news.

6. Did you know there’s an official Make Up Look for the London Olympics?  Whoo hoo, it just wouldn’t be Olympian to achieve athletic supremacy if there wasn’t statement make-up to pull it all together.  Better, they’ve resurrected Max Factor from the land of where brands go to die to create the look.  Not bad, but looks like you can’t go wrong when the sketch below suggests they’ll all look like Gisele.

7. Did you see the latest Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” mashup with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots?  It’s worth the click.  Wait, you don’t know who she is? That her song has triggered multiple video send ups from regular folks to celebs?   Take a listen and challenge your friends to make your own video.  After the margaritas sink in.

8. Man Men’s season finale is this Sunday.  Let’s speculate.  I am convinced Megan is gonna bite the dust by either jumping or falling down the elevator shaft.  I’m going to miss her terribly — her clothes and her instance that Don sit down and eat his spaghetti.  What will happen to Peggy, lost Paul and please let Pete get more disgusting. See what others have to say.

9.  Did you see Venus was in transit this week?  And did you think it was “meh” like me?.  I think it would make a great title for a book though, because aren’t we all Venus in Transit?.  We’re supposed to care because this is a phenomenon where Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun, and it won’t happen again in our lifetime, unless we’re cryogenically frozen until 2117.