Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

This really happened at 6:35PM outside my apartment window!

1. The double rainbow in my own back yard.  Sunday nights are my least favorite night of the week, and I started to especially dislike this one because it had been an unsatisfying weekend.  Friday’s always trick me into thinking I have more time than I do, but then Sunday rolls around and I find myself surrounded by a messy apartment, an empty refrigerator and not enough clean underwear.   My mood was terrible until my son said “look now” and right in front of me was a full double rainbow stretching from north to south of Manhattan.  Well, I guess the universe was telling me to get over it already and be happy for what I have.

2. Peonies are still in season, but now I’m finding them in this perfect shade of pink.  If I could bottle this shade I would,

3. These shoes!  I mentioned them in my stripper shoe make-over and I can now walk the talk because I did in fact walk 30 blocks in these and don’t collapse.  And they look like old lady shoes!  J. Crew, about $195.

Have a great week.