Monthly Archive: June, 2012

5 Reasons Lisa Rinna is An Accidental Feminist

If you asked me about Lisa Rinna a decade ago, I would have thought “washed up soap actress with an addiction to Pilates and plastic surgery”.   But she caught my attention recently… Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. My Battle with Thinning Hair Part 1

My attachment to my long hair rivals Samson’s. Growing up in the 1970s my mother imprisoned me with a pixie cut.  Her beauty motto was “nothing is prettier than practical” and lived it by forbidding me to have long… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Lipstick, Vampires, Mike Tyson and Canned Curry

Hello Friday!  In case the week of June 16th is already a distant memory, here’s what happened on the beauty, anti-aging and fun front: In the land of beauty… Are you a victim… Continue reading

6 Reasons to Avoid the Mullet Skirt

The Mullet Skirt started to silently creep into fashion last summer, but this weekend Manhattan officially turned into Mullet-topia. Maybe it’s because it was the opening of Rock of Ages, but I’m here to tell you —… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and My Dad

It’s Father’s Day and I’ve just hung up with my Dad, thinking how much I love him, wishing we lived closer.  Yet when you write about beauty or being a woman, it’s almost… Continue reading

The Friday Feed: David Hasselhoff, Fat French Women and the Dangers of Boring Shoes

Here’s the low down on what happened in the world this week if you were out actually living life and not following it on Twitter. 1. Clearly it’s Marketing Gone Wild Week with Sweden’s… Continue reading

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

1. This bottle of Rose.   It’s not cheap at  $28, but it certainly elevates a Dominos thin crust pizza.  If you haven’t already embrace the rose, I assure you these are not… Continue reading

What Weight Watchers And Parole Officers Have in Common

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been up since 5AM, waiting for my weekly moment of truth — the Weight Watchers weigh in.   If I lose weight, it’s what I call a Good… Continue reading

Friday Field Notes: Botox for Boobs, Power Manis, Manners and Venus

Going to a barbecue or beach house this weekend?  Bring some conversation along with your case of Dos Equis.  Here’s what’s worth mentioning: 1. Yes ladies, there is the possibility of Boobtox.  To lift the breast or… Continue reading

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

1. The double rainbow in my own back yard.  Sunday nights are my least favorite night of the week, and I started to especially dislike this one because it had been an unsatisfying… Continue reading

Prioritize Your Beauty Fixes with the Pain Scale

The other day, I was tracking my budget on and was floored by how much I spent on beauty over the past year.   I could have built that 9 month elusive emergency fund Suze… Continue reading