Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

Who doesn’t love sanctioned long weekends?  Personally, it’s the only time I can really unplug and don’t feel obligated to check email because in theory, the whole world is shut down too.  Here’s what made my time off the grid beautiful.

1. This dress.  Hands down my favorite piece I’ve bought this year.  For starters, I went down a size.  Then there’s this Moroccan vibe going on that makes me feel like Talitha Getty in this picture.  It’s deceptively cool, comfortable and can go from soccer game to garden party with a shoe change.    The best part is that it hides all the nasty bits thanks to long sleeves, a non defined waist that doesn’t make you look like an eraser, and a pattern that makes you look narrow.  J.Crew Java Tunic $150 (in stores only but call 800 562 0258 and they’ll find it)

2. The perfect sun hat.  It’s the right size, is smooshable, stays on my head when then wind blows and protects my scalp and freckley skin with an SPF 50.   It’s a little on the pricey side, but its the best sun hat I’ve had so far and worth every penny.  Eric Javits $95

3.  These kids and the unexpected joy of soccer.  My husband and son are obsessed with soccer.  I am not.  Usually I suck it up and go along for the ride, but lost my nut when I learned our entire Memorial Day weekend would be spent at our son’s soccer tournament.  As in 3 days.  The weather was hot, thick and wet.  My son’s team was getting a beat down after losing the majority of their games.  What I found though, was beauty in it’s purest form.  My son and his team mates had this incredible, genuine brotherhood that is hard to come by these days.  From the compassion and support they showed each other on the field, to the camaraderie over pizza after, I’ve never been prouder of my son, his character and the company he keeps.

4 Friends with benefits.  No, I’m not talking about those benefits.  These are more fun and include spouses.  It’s when you’re friends with another couple and every one gets along equally well, including the kids.  There isn’t that weird imbalance where the husbands are friends, but the wives merely put with each other or vice versa.   This one’s for you Nat and Steve, we love you!

5. These cookies.  Only 3 Weight Watchers points for 7 cookies.  Yes, 7 whole cookies.  They also make an easy and elegant companion for coffee and dessert.  And I can have 7 of ’em.  Jules Destrooper Biscuits, about $6.  A little expensive for a cookie, but did I mention you can have 7?

6. Lastly, being completely present.   All too often, my body is one place and my mind is another.  Sometimes, no matter how much I try it’s overwhelmingly difficult to be where I am when other things are tugging at my brain.   This weekend was an exception thanks to being a little out of my comfort zone, good friends and my iPhone running out of batteries.

Have a great week.