The Last Foundation Trick You’ll Ever Need

This just works.  I’ve found that with each passing birthday, I have less margin of error when it comes to getting the foundation thing right.  What worked 5 years ago, doesn’t work now.  Too little and it’s like what’s the point?  Too much (the worst offense) and it settles into fine lines with a dull, cakey finish.   So, after about a decade of trial of trial and error, I stumbled up about this brilliant trick……from make-up artist and best eye brow shaper in the world, Maribeth Madron.  (Full disclosure, she used to work for Laura Mercier and has been my brow guru for the past 7 years.   Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Clean.  This step is often overlooked but any make-up artist will tell you how important it is for your face to be clean and moist.  If you have the time, wait 1 minute between each layer of serum and moisturizer.  Wait a full 5 minutes after you apply sunscreen (I find it really needs to sink in). You can skip the waiting if you’re in a hurry, but it does help.
  2. Prep.  Apply primer.  Think this as spackling and priming a wall before painting but much easier.  Clean, smooth and moist is where you want to begin.  Note: avoid the shimmery primers if you’re 40+ because you’ll start to look too disco ball).
  3. Custom blend.  Cut one dab of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation (I mix two colors together to get the perfect shade because I’m high maintenance) with a small amount of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in the palm of your hand.   Doing this gives you get the perfect cocktail of natural coverage and dewyness that won’t look cakey or settle into your lines.  Note: mixing foundation brands and textures is a favorite make-up artist trick, but not all play well together so ask the nice person behind the counter.
  4. Sponge worthy application.  I cannot say enough great things about the neon pink spongy egg  that is the Beauty Blender.  Run it under lukewarm water and squeeze out the excess.  It will get swollen and pliable which you want.  Dab the narrow end of the Beauty Blender into your foundation blend and then onto your face starting in around your nose and working your way the rest of the face, including your eye area.  Just cover and blend where you need.  Blend, blend and more blend.
  5. Set it then forget it.   Once your foundation is on, then take a Kleenex or any facial tissue (make sure it isn’t infused with Aloe or stuff like that).  Very gently press the tissue onto your face.  This absorbs the excess and sets the foundation into your face so it becomes like second skin.  Take the fan brush and finish it off with a very light dusting of Laura Mercier’s Invisible Loose Powder to absorb excess shine, especially in the T zone.  I like this because it’s made especially to not settle into fine lines.

Now you’re ready to face the world.  I hope this works for you as much as it did for me!