Monthly Archive: May, 2012

4 Underrated Trends I Want To Become Huge

I enjoy fashion as much as the next girl, but don’t always have the energy to take giant risks ala Carrie Bradshaw or Bjork.   It’s more comfortable for me to fully embrace them once they’ve… Continue reading

Disney Characters Do Vogue

Originally posted on Banana Scoop:
Disney Princesses are an object of beauty and perfection.  It’s natural that they’d be featured on the cover of Disney Vogue.  It’s actually kinda neat how deatiled the…

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

Who doesn’t love sanctioned long weekends?  Personally, it’s the only time I can really unplug and don’t feel obligated to check email because in theory, the whole world is shut down too.  Here’s what… Continue reading

“Hi, My Name Is Fever Blister and I’m Not Wearing A Bra”

I was convinced those words were going to fly out of my mouth as I introduced myself at an event earlier this week. I wanted to ask the panel a question, but had… Continue reading

The Last Foundation Trick You’ll Ever Need

This just works.  I’ve found that with each passing birthday, I have less margin of error when it comes to getting the foundation thing right.  What worked 5 years ago, doesn’t work now.… Continue reading

Where I Found Beauty This Weekend

I’m trying to create a family habit where we all sit down for dinner.  At the table, with napkins and actual conversation.   I heard about this chit chat starter where instead of… Continue reading

Holy Jowl! Are Smart Phones Making Our Faces Sag?

It happened to me again last weekend.  I whipped out my iPhone to take a picture of my son when I saw a dour, double chinned, jowly creature  staring back at me.  It… Continue reading

My Stripper Shoe Makeover; Anti Aging for Feet

If I had saved the money I sunk into shoes over the past decade, I could retire.  I rationalized that shoes gave great  ROI, because they made the difference between merely walking into a room… Continue reading

Instant Lift: Mad Men Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoooooo…..

Mad Men came back on air last night to remind me I came of age in the wrong decade.  It looks like they were having a lot more fun in the mid to… Continue reading

Instant Lift: Chanel’s Shade Parade

Now and then I’ll post random stuff that reminds me of why I love being a girl.  This nifty ditty from last year celebrates the lost art of finger dancing and the affordable… Continue reading