Bad Botox; What it Looks LIke, How to Fix It

Bad Botox happens, but there’s simply not enough information out there on what it looks like and what to do about it.    It’s even harder to speak the same language as your injector when… Continue reading

6 Things I Envy About Other Women

It’s the end of a long work-day and I’m caught in the thick of the rotisserie chicken panic at Whole Foods, where moms like me scramble for dinner redemption.   Scorching hot chicken in… Continue reading

The Skincare Matrix of Excellence

Beauty whore.  Sample slut. Product junkie. tells me I’ve squandered away at least 5 digits worth of cash on hope in a jar over the past several years.  My habit is only… Continue reading

I’m Getting Major Plastic Surgury…

…on my blog, not my face:) So over the next week, may not look quite like herself as she endures some nips and tucks to make herself look and feel her best… Continue reading

How to Dress for Having a Family Picture Taken

Tomorrow is our dreaded annual tradition, when my amateur photographer friend and I attempt to take holiday pictures of our families.   I’ve been doing all my photo prep to look my best;… Continue reading

The Art of Giving the Perfect Hostess Gift

In the spirit of Festivus  and the “Airing of the Grievances” I am going to declare that I hate hostess gifts. What’s turned me bah humbug are years of receiving tokens that feel… Continue reading

Someday Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes So Make It Worth Watching

I throw up in my mouth a little as I quote this because it came from a Lexus commercial. But sometimes the universe speaks to you, and today it spoke to me because my… Continue reading

Ready For Your Close Up: A Countdown to Having Your Picture Taken

I have exactly 20 days until I’m staring down the lens of a friend’s camera in the quest of a decent family picture for our annual holiday card.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is a word I usually save for the sobering doldrums of January, or the optimism of Spring.  Rarely does it headline in November and December when words like revelry and indulge take center stage.

5 Things to Look for in a Beauty Wingman

Last year I got an unexpected bonus and decided to inject it into my face.   Imagining what “me 2.0” could look like, I impulsively ran to the office of  Dr. Howard Sobel and… Continue reading

Middle Aged Braids and Other Fall Hair and Make-up Trends

The nice thing about getting older is that I’m a lot more confident about my sense of style.  I know what works on my body and what doesn’t (looking at you peplum), where… Continue reading

Hurricane Hedonism

It was just about 3PM and I was already eyeing that bottle of Pinot Noir. In case you haven’t heard, Hurricane Sandy (er Frankenstorm) is coming to town and we’re battening down the… Continue reading

Girl Jamzz

It was a wintry afternoon in 1989 and my roommate Eileen sat on the floor of our off-campus apartment eating a tube of raw Pillsbury chocolate chip dough with a plastic knife.  A… Continue reading

Halloween Costume Redemption

I start planning for Halloween in August because getting to wear costumes is second only to the perfect sipping tequila in my book of pleasures.   The chance for me to realize left-over childhood… Continue reading

8 Fall Trends That Are Really Recycled Classics

In my post from Saturday, Trends Are Passe? A Survival Guide to Fall 2012, I made a point of saying that there are so many trends, it’s almost all white noise, so go… Continue reading